31 July, 2009

Let's all laugh at fat people

More Daily Mail body fascism

A brief one today, but the Daily Mail is inviting us to laugh over pictures of 'some of the skinniest and most desirable' celebs 'looking as if they have been let loose at a hamburger stand' (because eating lots of burgers is the only reason people are fat, ever!) The whole article reeks of spite and bitterness. I've been very slim for most of my life and yet I cannot stand the perceived superiority a person is imbued with if they are thin. Of course, it's not enough to just be thin, because there's the 'right' kind of thin (with large breasts and a dayglo tan) and the 'wrong' kind of thin (any of the following: small boobs, prominent collarbone, UGLY KNEES.)

On the other end of the scale is the frankly irritating idea, as presented by commenter 'Brucie from Liverpool', that big girls are 'real women' (so I suppose skinny girls are just pretending?) You just can't win, really. Where's the middle ground here? You know, the one which embraces the reality that all women, regardless of their body shape or size, are equally real and equally deserving of a little bloody respect.


  1. you'd think they might have stretched (pun most deservingly intended) to hiring a professional image editor for this.

  2. I know...the images are laughable!

  3. Let's face it, when the f*** was consistency the Fail's greatest point?
    It's like all the school bullies in the playground barely scraped a 2:2, resorted to blowing the interviewers under the table (let's face it, does a Fail journalist actually have journalistic "talent", if that's the right word to use for the profession) and then got a job as a columnist.
    You couldn't make it up.

  4. I saw that... I mean, the images are shit (and ganked from somewhere else), but the attitude - "fat people are *funny*, let's have a good giggle at them" is more than a little narking.


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