09 July, 2009

I Don't Have Much To Say...

I didn't want to miss my blog spot but the net is a bit all over the shop at home and to be honest I'm struggling to find inspiration.
The reason for this is that my landladies have split up. Do they still love each other? Yes.
The reason they are splitting and one is leaving with the kids in just under two weeks is simple: the teenaged daughter made a concerted effort from the outset to split them up. Not really because she disliked Liz, though she now says she "hates" her, but because she doesn't want her Mum being gay. Her methods of doing this have utterly shocked me, and I grew up in a fractured, messy family. She even asked her Mum if, now she had split, if she would "go back to the other side".
So I'd like to thank the Fail and everyone else for peddling homophobic bile and making out Clause 28 is the antichrist. Maybe if that wasn't the case, a teenaged girl (who was bullied and assaulted by homophobic fellow pupils, who no doubt got their lovely opinions from their parents) would not be doing such terrible things. Or maybe she would, I don't know.

All I do know is it's very sad.


  1. I went through the same, my mum being gay didn't bother me but school was hell. I used to have panic attacks on the way there so, as the teachers didn't know what to do with me, I was put in cloisters (where the bad kids go, turns out the 'bad' kids are just generally messed up/ignored by all and the 'normal' kids are the evil bastards). I still ended up leaving at 15 rather than go through that shit everyday though.

    I'm not sure what the daughter hoped to achieve, the bullying isn't going to end with the relationship and now she has an unhappy mum too.

  2. Did they complain to the school about the bullying? Just curious about how/if the school chose to deal with it.

  3. Jaime - "normal" kids are always the abnormal ones.
    Jenny - I'd say causation is pretty much satisfied here: were it not for the Fail and its championing of s.28, then there would be no homophobia (or at least a significant material contribution is cut out here). Very moving post.

  4. Jaime - It was actually reported to the police, and I think in general it stopped after that, but the damage was done by then. The physical pain eased but it turned her against gay people. She actually comes out with some pretty offensive stuff about all minorities in front of me, I think to an extent it's for attention. One way or another she and the others will be gone next weekend whilst I'm at Latitude getting very very drunk...
    Sayem - thanks :)

  5. I'm so sorry to read this, it's very upsetting and I do hope the daughter comes to realise that, well, 'people are people' (Depeche Mode). BTW, I want to take issue with the assertion that 'normal kids are the evil bastards'. How do you define normal anyway?

  6. @Jennymac - That's bad, that's just really awful. Hope you're ok stuck in the middle of all this.

    @Claire - I can't say I have a strict definition of 'normal' there being no such thing as etc but I use it above/generally to refer to those lovely people that revel in cruelly pointing out how 'abnormal' others are.


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