05 May, 2009

The Evolution of The Ministry of Truth

Evolution! Black people! The horror!

Actually, to be fair to the DM, the article on the recreation of an early human skull from assorted fragments is not bad. It's basically lifted from the Radio Times, and the programme itself seems rather interesting. The fun starts in the comments. An individual from Amsterdam is currently top-rated* with this gem:

"It seems to me that this result was not modelled on actual human remains. But rather on the image the Ministry of Truth has on what a modern European OUGHT to look like"

That's right. You're being brainwashed by the Ministry of Truth, undoubtedly a nu-LIARbore device into making you think like one of those lentil-eating feminist anti-racist types. And if you don't think you're being brainwashed, then it just goes to show how well the brainwashing has worked!

Anyway. Right. Layscience has more commentary on the sheer faily failness of the fail in the comments, but I have sumarised them as follows;
  • Evolution is a lie. Everybody knows that finches just change the shape of their beaks or something.
  • The Aryan Race can't be decended from someone who is (oh the horror) not white.
  • The Bible!!1!eleventy

However, and feel free to disagree, the Prize for Shoe-Horning goes to a David Harrison from Sunderland, with this gem (thanks go to Fingerless Gloves for the Prize, which I believe is this here... well, I don't know what it was, but the cat found it).

"Talk about keping a low profile!!! After seeing what Nu labour and the P.C brigade has done I bet he wishes he never came back!

*Have we at Feminazery mentioned that we love the Fail's new ratings system? We do. Just so you know.

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