12 May, 2009

The One With The Killer Heels

If you have the time, take a look at these links:











The Gwyneth Paltrow ones are especially riveting. They did a whole series on her, Gwyneth's footwear every day for a fortnight.

I could make the point that the Fail obviously has a vested interest in keeping women in footwear that is painful, dangerous and limits movement and capability.

I could mention how they can't seem to keep to one editorial stance, veering as they do between glamourisation of heels (even when the tone is sarcastic, like in Paltrow's later articles), condemnation of "ugly" or "orthapaedic" flats and scary scary articles in the health section about how high heels ruined some poor woman's back and/or life.

If I were more of a wag I'd explore the possibility that someone at the Male has one hell of a foot fetish (Look at the number of close-ups! They're feet, for crying out loud! Clad in shoes! It's not unusual!).

As it is, out of all these observations and more, I wanted to make this one simple point: if anyone passing by here is any doubt as to why feminism is relevant in the 21st Century, it's because women are still being judged, every day, on the smallest, most inconsequential decisions in a way that men never have and never will be.

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