21 March, 2011

The Daily Mail knows what's important

With all the trouble and tragedy in the world at the moment, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Daily Mail might lose sight of the most important news stories.

Fret not, dear reader.

EXCLUSIVE: Woman leaves home, eats lunch

BREAKING NEWS: Woman wears dress, has breasts

DON'T MISS: Woman goes on holiday, wears bikini

SHOCKER: Woman wears same coat as other woman

LIFE-CHANGING: Woman wears green dress, orange cardigan

APPALLING: Woman wears clothes, is old

UNMISSABLE: Woman wears coat, has hood up

It's nice to know you can rely on them to keep you up to date on the really important stuff.


  1. *laughs*

    I'm currently employed as a peace worker in occupied Palestine. I've been feeling a bit low recently, what with all the death and injury and repression and so on, so it's nice to come here and be able to put things into perspective.

  2. Rewriting Daily Mail headlines thusly could easily become an occupation, or an obsession. I approve!

  3. I laughed so hard. "This just in: Women have tits".

    Dear Daily Mail
    No shit.
    Sincerely, A. Cat

  4. Lol. Hilarious.



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