19 January, 2010

Your handy round-up of Daily Fail sexism

This week, I've mostly been frothing at the mouth about the following choice cuts of sexism, misogyny and good old fashioned stupidity.

Woman in "Natural State" shocker! Mo'Nique, star of movie Precious, dared to show her face at the Golden Globes knowing she had not depilated her legs, as is required of any and all women over the age of...well, birth. To add insult to injury, the brazen hussy proceeded to show off her legs, as if hairy legs weren't something she ought to be ashamed of! Men across the world recoil in horror at this hideous sight, and women are warned not to follow her example lest they be cast out of civilised society.

Woman wears tracksuit, eats takeaway! Kerry Katona, a notoriously vile human being, has been spotted both wearing a tracksuit AND, horror of horrors, purchasing and indulging in FISH AND CHIPS. Yes, you read correctly. Fish and chips. When will this waste of skin realise that she isn't permitted to choose her own clothing and certainly not what she eats? Disgusting.

In similar news, everyone's favourite washed-up pop star Britney Spears ignored a court date. But that's a mere detail: the real story here is her ill-fitting underwear! An eagle-eyed photographer, zooming in on her bust, revealed Britney's boobs to be spilling over her bra! When will these women learn that it's their duty to appear neat, pretty and well-dressed at all times?

Footballer's wife takes clothes off!
It doesn't matter that nobody knows who she is. Look at her tits! Look at them!

And finally: Woman stalked and harrassed by man for years - but I'll let the comments do the talking.

You'd think he would have chosen someone prettier.

But I thought we lived in a free country, he didnt threaten her, or are we now a police state where people can be barred from being in public areas at the whim of another person?
And here's a piece of advice from the ever-astute E Jawed:

What is it with some guys, they can never accept rejection. She's not even good looking, so why doesn't he get a life. He's probably lost his job, ruined his career, gone to jail and made a fool of himself for nothing. What a silly plum.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to rub my arms and legs vigorously with a cheese grater, then apply vinegar to the wounds. It'll be by far a less painful experience than reading the Fail.


  1. zomgwtfbbq!!11!! women have HAIR ON THEIR LEGS? How DISGUSTING and PEVERTED.

    Dear Tyler and Linda: yes, he only spoke to her a couple of times... I mean, he didn't break into her car, or have background checks done on her husband and father or anything. Oh...

  2. I've only just come across your blog and you are saying all the things I'm always thinking when I read articles on the Daily Fail.

    I refuse to shave my legs - or anything else for that matter - and I don't wear a bra - I hate the things.

    I have put a link to the blog I've just started -http://ladysophia-jilly.blogspot.com/
    Please keep highlighting these stupid articles.

  3. On the stalking story, click on 'worst rated' and check out what Lorna has to say.

    It's all our (us hysterical feminazi types) fault!!111!!!1!!1 I bet she also reckons that she should've given Creepy McCreeperson a chance in college, maybe he wouldn't have been as bad as she thought.

  4. Go Mo'Nique! I love (read "hate") how the story doesn't focus on the fact that she won an award at all. Just that she didn't shave her legs -- and didn't hide her hairy legs from the world. I love her courage. I hate that it takes courage.

  5. It's funny how the DM is considered to be a 'female friendly' paper. I have (in the past) known quite a few women who read it for that very reason.
    But then, maybe some women do like to read 'bitchy' comment-pieces about famous women who don't come up to scratch appearance-wise. Otherwise why else do magazines such as Heat sell so well? Are some women their own worse enemy? Or is just that these celebs looking the worse for wear make 'ordinary' women feel better about their appearance? I don't know.


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