17 January, 2010

We've added a picture link to the sidebar over there ====>

Because we feel it's important.

And because our twitter friend @jamiesport has been working so damned hard for the DEC this last week that we want to show our support for his work.

Please give what you can, even if it's only a couple of quid. Or text "GIVE" to 70077 if you're in the UK, to give a fiver to the DEC (it's added to your phone bill). If you're in the US, text "HAITI" to 90999 to charge $10 to your phone bill for the Red Cross.

There is also this option - Non-Believers Giving Aid - which uses paypal. And obviously doesn't include any religiously-affiliated organisations.

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  1. Finally the student loan came through so have now the money to put forward a donation. Given the severity of the disaster and the poor condition Haiti was before the earthquake one hopes that something beneficial and long lasting might come from all the aid thus far.


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