28 October, 2009

A glut of links

Being an excitable wee femi, I've got some links for everyone - some of which I've put on the links bar over there, and some interesting articles.

First up, Hollaback UK, inspired by Hollaback NYC, which aims to fight back against catcallers and street harassment of women and LBGTQ people by sharing stories - and posting mobile phone pictures of the idiots who think sexual harassment is an acceptable form of social interaction.

Then The Women's Resource Centre, which apart from anything has a massive list of local and national women's groups, campaigns, aid groups and charities. And their twitter feed - @whywomen - is brilliant too.

Talking of twitter, are you following @Feminazery? That's us. We like you.

Eaves' Nothing Personal Campaign. Actually, any of Eaves' projects are excellent, from their Weekly News newsletter to their work with victims of domestic violence.

And an interesting CiF article entitled "Climate change is a feminist issue". Just don't read the comments. It suffers from the usual CiF issue of being vague but inflammatory, so can be read any way you damn well please, but the intention behind it is good - the need for all women in all countries and cultures to have safe access to contraception (and sex education) which is accepted by the men they have sex with, in order to choose how many children they have. Although it does also raise interesting notions of cultural imperialism and the need to find a way to not limit other countries' industrial (and therefore polluting) development without being massively hypocritical, as well as the need to encourage people to limit their own pollution (although I would argue that, as long as we have Trafigura and other global businesses not doing much, my energy-saving lightbulbs and recycling bin are going to do diddly squat).


  1. Please stop posting negative things about womyn. "Femenazi" is a rush limbaugh term used to make women in to cattle. Also, please fight all oppression from now on and stop white male hegemony from taking everything over. And thank you. Come to my blog if you need some pointers.

  2. Wrong end of the stick anybody?
    - Our appropriation of the word "Feminazi" is a response to Mr Limp-Dick - I mean, Limbaugh's use of the word, turning it around and making him look like a bellend in the process (not that he needed much help in that department).
    - Please enlighten me as to where we're posting negative things about "womyn" because as far as I know, we're posting either positive things or posting the negatives to respond to them.
    - Don't know about everyone else, but we are fighting all forms of oppression. The blog's writers are also, broadly speaking, left-leaning as well.

  3. *sighs*

    Candle clearly hasn't read our "personifesto"



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