16 October, 2009

We are taking part in an orchestrated internet campaign to say "Jan Moir, you're a twunt"

It has taken me several attempts to write this. My first attempt looked like this:
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accompanied by incoherent shouting, rapid twittering, and frothing at the mouth. After a few hours of calming meditation, crocheting some oatmeal, twittering, and listening to Women's Hour, I managed this:
Jan Moir is a vile, homophobic, horrid waste of perfectly good oxygen.
That's as far as I got before the frothing started again. But you've probably figured out what I'm on about. That Jan Moir article published today, previously entitled "Why there was nothing 'natural' about Stephen Gately's death" (the title has since been changed).

Moir, as far as anyone can tell, is blaming Gately's death on his "gay lifestyle" (if anyone can come up with a description of this that doesn't involved luriddigs.com, you know where the comment box is). Not, you know, his undiagnosed congentital heart condition - which, as Charlie Brooker pointed out, 12 young people die of every week, irrespective of their sexuality.

She links Gately's death to that of Kevin McGee (who had previously been married to Matt Lucas). As far as anyone with even a pinch of rationality can tell, the only thing connecting the two young men was their sexuality, and that Gately was married, and McGee had been. Somehow, in Moir's mind, this means they died of Teh Gay Marriage Disease. Nevermind all those people who die, from various causes, who are straight and married.

I'm not going to witter on about though. Anton Vowel, over at Enemies of Reason, has put it much better than I could. As has Charlie Brooker at The Guardian. There's plenty going on at twitter under the #janmoir hashtag.

Moir has since released a statement. It doesn't say much, other than a complete lack of apology, and Moir claiming a "heavily orchestrated internet campaign" (spearheaded by Teh Ebil Gays, no doubt) has resulted in people reading her article and not being overly impressed about her homophobia. She still doesn't admit that Gately's autopsy revealed a heart condition - instead insisting that going clubbing until the early hours, smoking weed and having sex was the cause of his death (in which case, I'm surprised there is anyone aged 14 upwards left alive to read this). She doesn't say much of anything really, except "no, no, you didn't read it - I like gay people but they're a bad influence on young people and would you please pass me that big shovel there as this hole I'm making isn't quite big enough yet."

I'm so looking forward to what happens tomorrow. And whether Moir gets her adverts back.

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  1. Oh the heartless woman! I can almost imagine her in her death bed looking back to this incident and still thinking that she did no wrong.

    Some cases are hopeless. Anyway i'm off.


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