04 June, 2009

Oh for the love of... Breasts, apparently.

I apologise in advance for this blog. I have been out, and had drinks, with work and I am very grateful to be able to work in the current climate. But this riled me right up.

Earlier, in the pub, we were all standing about enjoying a nice pint, in my case cider (or a nice lame fruit or wine based drink for the ladies, allegedly) and I noticed our overall manager (let's call him Bob) was checking out my breasts, in a rather blatant manner.

I was drunk, but not stupid - I called him on it. I'm not worried he's my boss's boss's boss's whatever, I asked him why he had just done that so obviously (it was so obvious other people had noticed and suddenly became able to speak up against our admittedly otherwise cool "leader" who was earlier dissing the Tories, BNP blah blah and being agreeably left wing)...
His response?

He totally agreed he had been looking. Did anyone argue with this? Several other guys claimed ignorance and said "well, we've not noticed" and made "comical" eye shielding gestures. The women? Well in particular one lady, I'll call her Mavis, said "you have the best breasts in the department, they are amazing" or something along those lines. To be fair none of the ladies gave me any grief, but that's mainly because they know me I think.

I guess the whole point of this rather crap blog is: WHY do breasts become public property once they are 34DD or whatever size? Why are ANY breasts public property, to the extent a 32AA woman feels she should have a risky enlargement? Why do women accept this as well and nod along with men who are objectifying women in this way?

I am now home, and even though I was warned "Bob" was a letch (I told him this to his face) I still feel somehow I am in the wrong.

I had a great conversation with a woman in my dept today and she said, how would men feel if they were confronted by half naked pictures of their gender all over the papers and magazines and how she would love to do some sort of experiment where men would understand what it feels like for your body to feel like someone else's property. It is arguably why I didn't punch someone tonight!


  1. It's frustrating... guys are visual, we get it, but it would be nice if they could be a bit more subtle! But doing an experiment to see how it feels - probably a waste of time.

  2. No, no I don't understand why you didn't punch someone tonight, sounds like they deserved it!

  3. Just shamelessly ogle attractive men in public. What's sauce for the goose...

  4. Trouble is, some of those men, particularly the undesirable ones, might like the attention.

  5. chuck his pint on his crotch next time, "a little over-excited, are we?" etc. what a pillock.

  6. It's the fact he's your boss that freaks me out more than anything. How unprofessional.

    Christ, I sure hope I don't ogle. I'm more of a legs man anyway.

    Do women look at mens' balls in tight trousers? Genuine question. I know women do check out our asses.

  7. He's my boss's boss's boss. In fairness neither my actual boss or boss's boss have ever been so out of order. Maybe he thinks as he's the Head of no one says anything?
    I sometimes look at arses... I certainly don't check out balls! However in fairness I know women and gay men who do!! Thing is I genuinely wouldn't look in a work situation. It's just unprofessional, as you say.


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