01 April, 2009

Oh, Daily Mail. How you love stories about women putting on weight... women losing weight... women who should be losing weight... women who are causing other women to lose weight... but we all know, most of all, what you really love is making women feel bad. Actually, in terms of DM hatred, this article isn't too bad; yes, Natalie Cassidy has put weight on, and now she appears to be running. Woop-de-fucking-do. Is it of any importance whatsoever? No. Are they having a dig at her? Of course.

The worst thing, though, is not the article itself. Yes, it's gossipy and horrible and entirely pointless (and apparently written after somebody picked up Closer on their lunch break) - but it's not aiming to actually say much. Instead, what it does is provide a platform for the readers to spew hatred all over the place. They seem roughly divided between "don't be so mean!", "she was too skinny" and "she's fucking huge/ugly". So... same old. Predicted division of comments if this article was about Kate Moss: slightly more on the ugly side, slightly less on the mean.

But at least it's not asking "
Should I tell my husband I helped our 15-year-old daughter have an abortion?" Because, you know, that's just asking for trouble.


  1. That gets me is the utter lack of any consistent view, either as a general editorial line or within the articles of individual journos. Make your minds up kids, what is the greater evil? The extremely low-level threat of a global bulimia/anorexia epidemic when we all know that - while serious - eating disorders are psychological illnesses largely unrelated to media portrayals of women? Or the high-level threat of a global obesity epidemic that has everything to do with sedentary lifestyles and the high density of corn syrup and heavily-processed carbs in cheap foodstuffs that perpetuate the developed world? Or do we just live and let live? Or, like The Fail, do we comment on how her bum looks big in this while calling slim women "skinny bitches"? And why are men never given turd about their weights, eh? Why isn't Him out of Razorlight a skinny bitch? I mean he's skinny, and he's a bitch...

  2. I wish I knew how to do screen-caps, because if I did,Iwould have made one of the DM website the day the little "celebrity" stories down the side ran in this order:

    Gemma Arterton - OMG, she's like totally fat yeah?!

    Random B list soap actress - How I lost my gross disgusting flab to fit in with my slim co-stars!

    Lindsay Lohan - Yuck, ew, gross, she's soooooo skinny!

    They might as well have all been the same person, that's the timeline that any female celebrity the Fail has in its radar is going to inevitably follow.

    Lindsay Lohan

  3. The Mail have a number of women they regularly berate for their weight. Britney Spears is always gaining or losing weight according to them.

  4. Yes, you can't win with the Male... one minute you're overweight, the next you've got an eating disorder. Sometime last year I stumbled upon one page of their webs(h)ite with an article entitled "how the size-zero modelling industry is damaging women's health", whilst on another page they headlined with something on the lines of "a n other actress stepping out looking a bit frumpy fuels pregnancy rumours".

    Grrrr! I sooo hate that waste of paper!


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