08 January, 2011

So, there is this horrible little man on Twitter

I'm not going to name him, because I'm sure you know by now who it is, and doing so would rather undermine my message. He is telling women that it is their "duty" to be size zero, that to be overweight is "a sin" (interestingly/disturbingly he seems to equate anything over size zero with overweight).

This man is only after one thing, and that is publicity. He quite clearly does not believe what he is saying, no one could, and he is doing it purely for the attention only an ex Big Brother contestant craves. I have watched his follower count rise from a few thousand, to ten thousand, to nearly 20 thousand in the three or so days that he has been trending.

I imagine I am shouting into the wind here, as other people have been giving similar advice, but I thought I'd at least try. Do not feed the troll. Don't @ reply him, don't mention him by name, don't retweet him, STOP GIVING HIM THE BLOODY OXYGEN OF PUBLICITY.

The man is wanking in delight at every new follower. Ignoring the outside chance that he may actually pleasure himself to death, it's really better to just ignore the bloody idiot and then he will go away, I promise.

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  1. I do love how he twits at other celebrities on twitter, like Rihanna and Justin Bieber in the - entirely serious, it seems - hope that they'll all rally behind his Size Zero Or Bust campaign. Part of me wants to see him get to the popularity critical mass where he works out next to no-one supports him.

    I also like how he uses "plus size" in the straight mathematical sense of "higher than zero". Actually makes a bit more sense as terminology that way.


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