03 May, 2010

Woman Does Something Involving Posting Links

After the delight that was the news that a woman buys underpants, and has a broken elbow (I'm not going to go into the insinuation that she was injured smacking her husband around), the Daily Mail bring you further news....

Mind you, she's dating a baseball so the brazen hussy will clearly do anything.

Dear Daily Mail writers and editors:
If you can hear me over the frothing fury at a famous young singer having a sex life, let alone one that might actually involve her being an active participant, do you think you could stop masturbating long enough to actually check what you're writing?

Tip of the hat to Dr Petra for that link, via twitter.

And links:
Feminism 101: What's wrong with suggesting that women take precautions to prevent being raped? This. Read it. It says much.
A great post on disability and blogging at the F-Word
Don't Judge My Family - against David Shiny-faced Scum Cameron's tax breaks for married couples
Anna Arrowsmith's essay Ideas on Sexual Politics - and slightly related to that, two blogs I've been reading, mostly on feminist sex work: Quiet Riot Girl and Spanked, Not Silenced (nsfw).
Responses from Iran to Boobquake at Blag Hag
A project illustrating the Othering of transgender people from Sociological Images

1 comment:

  1. Surely the better headline would be "Woman dates baseball!" - much better aimed at the correct intellectual level, and about as relevant. Mildly encouraged by the comments below it (general mood being "who cares")


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