08 September, 2009

Boris Keep Your Promise

Just a quick one to say - the BKYP petition needs 3000 signatories, so if you haven't put your name on it, go here and do so: LINKY

Basically, BoJo promised, during his election campaign for London Mayor, that he would secure the £744,000 of funding needed every year (during his term in office) which would maintain four rape crisis centers in London (as it is, there is only one, in Croyden). Making him keep that promise seems like a good thing to do.

1 comment:

  1. Can you tell me where he reneged on his promise, he hasn't as far as I can tell....excellent blog as Ive said on another post. Im not left wing politically but that's the wonderful thing about politics here in the UK, as opposed to in the US, I don't have to be.


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